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Essentially the song was about a second date I was robbed of, along with a sweet girl I never really got to know. Human connection is so important to me, something a few phone calls can't substitute. I became distant from her and increasingly focused on my music as the schools shut. I was 17 at this point and had just recently moved out of home for the first time ever. Now equipped with the space, time, and peace of mind that school had been draining me of; I had everything I needed.

I was sitting on my couch one day with one of my best friends when a sudden stroke of inspiration possessed me, I wrote nearly all of the song in one sitting, maybe three to four hours. I then wrote the rest of it while recording it in my home studio with the help of my best friend Daniel Duffy, who started playing music shortly after our friendship began. He helped me with the production side of the song, as well as mixing
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